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InvalidLCPDecryptFileException was unhandled

This exception thrown out is due to the missing of some files that are required for your application to load.

What are the chances to encounter this exception in your application?

Quite common, if you are developing below applications:-

1. Standalone Desktop Application that access to AutoCount Accounting

2. Web Services that access to AutoCount Accounting



* Find these files in AutoCount Accounting folder.

1. LCPDecrypt.wdl

2. LCPDecrypt2.exe

3. LCPDecrypt2.wdl

4. LCPDecryptApp.exe


Add these files to your Project as existing items.

* Set Build Action = none (empty)

* Copy to Output = Copy if newer


So that these files will be copied to your output folder.

* Remember to include these files in your distribution together with AutoCount Accounting assemblies.


Note: For Web Server, you may have to set your IIS to run in 32bit mode.

Unless the web server allows to execute executable file (.exe), then IIS running at 64bit mode is fine.