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Update Scripting from RegisterType(…) to RegisterByType(…) in AutoCount Accounting version 1.8.21 (147)


This article applies to AutoCount Accounting Application Script & Plugin.

In order to support many login to AutoCount Accounting on a computer, when multiple BCE.Data.DBSetting instances are created, it is required that the Scripting Registration is to register with the designated instance.


Prior to version 1.8.21, when a class is registered with ScriptManager, there is no requirement to specify which BCE.Data.DBSetting is used.

Script Manager will assume the default BCE.Data.DBSetting instance is being used.

BCE.AutoCount.Scripting.ScriptManager.RegisterType(“QT”, typeof(QuotationScript));


New method to register type of scripting requires to include which instance of BCE.Data.DBSetting.

BCE.AutoCount.Scripting.ScriptManager.GetOrCreate(dbsetting).RegisterByType(“QT”, typeof(QuotationScript));


What happen if customer update AutoCount Accounting to version

The old method remains supported.

However, if your project assemblies reference is updated to version, you will see the warning below.


Warning on obsolete code


Who needs to update the code to apply RegisterByType(…)?

Every of each plug-in project that has registered for application script is recommended to apply RegisterByType(…).

The reason is any external .net application might initialize your account book, and which in turn will execute your plug-in logic.

If your plug-in project applies RegisterType(…), then your plugin logic might not run on the correct instance in the account book.