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InvalidLCPDecryptFileException was unhandled

This exception thrown out is due to the missing of some files that are required for your application to load. What are the chances to encounter this exception in your application? Quite common, if you are developing below applications:- 1. Standalone Desktop Application that access to AutoCount Accounting 2. Web Services that access to AutoCount Accounting   Solutions:- * Find these files in AutoCount Accounting folder. 1. LCPDecrypt.wdl 2. LCPDecrypt2.exe 3. LCPDecrypt2.wdl 4. LCPDecryptApp.exe   […]

Download link for Import Third-Party XML

To download the Import Third-Party XML schema file and the example on how to use it, please click the following link: Import 3rd Party Xml – updated 2017 May.rar Just un-rar the file to get the XML schema file as well as the example.

Integration with AutoCount Accounting ver 1.8

Introduction The following article as well as other posts linked to this post is applicable only to AutoCount Accounting version 1.8.8 and above. The information covered in these articles will be of interest to any third-party application developer that directly call the assembly files of AutoCount Accounting version 1.8.8 for their application (non-plugin type) especially due to the fact that there is major differences between version 1.8.8 and earlier versions. Initialization In version 1.8.8, several […]