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Update Scripting from RegisterType(…) to RegisterByType(…) in AutoCount Accounting version 1.8.21 (147)

  This article applies to AutoCount Accounting Application Script & Plugin. In order to support many login to AutoCount Accounting on a computer, when multiple BCE.Data.DBSetting instances are created, it is required that the Scripting Registration is to register with the designated instance.   Prior to version 1.8.21, when a class is registered with ScriptManager, there is no requirement to specify which BCE.Data.DBSetting is used. Script Manager will assume the default BCE.Data.DBSetting instance is being […]

How to implement license control similar to AutoCount

The following is a sample code on how to implement license control similar to AutoCount. License Control Code Snippet namespace Example {     public class SamplePlugIn : BCE.AutoCount.PlugIn.BasePlugIn     {                 public static bool GlobalIsRegistered = false;         public SamplePlugIn()             : base(newGuid(“97814787-C48A-4E8E-8549-994850141A09″), “AutoCount Accounting Sample Plug-Ins”, “1.0″)         {             // add code to complete the constructor             SetSupportLicenseKey(true);         }         public override void UpdateLicenseStatus(BCE.AutoCount.PlugIn.LicenseStatusArgs e)         {             // place code here to notify your plug-in that your plug-in has registered             if (e.LicenseStatus == BCE.AutoCount.PlugIn.LicenseStatus.PermanentLicense)                 GlobalIsRegistered = true;             else                 GlobalIsRegistered […]

AutoCount Plug-in Package Builder

Introduction The AutoCount Plug-in Package Builder is a program created by AutoCount Sdn. Bhd. to help developers create plug-ins with standardized installers for the company’s flagship accounting software AutoCount Accounting. This program helps by packaging the plug-in created by the developer into the AutoCount Plug-in Package (.app) file and thus eliminating the need for the developer to create their own installers. Obtaining the program This program is available to all users that have registered as a AutoCount […]

AutoCount Accounting Plug-in (version 2)

(Build with AutoCount Accounting version 1.8.7) (For AutoCount Accounting version 1.8.8, please download the project converter to help update your plug-in to be compatible with the stated version) Introduction An AutoCount Plug-in is a .Net class library (.dll) which must implement the IPlugIn interface and one or more IMenuItem interface or MenuItemAttribute. Before creating an AutoCount Plug-in, you must remember 2 important information. The first is that every AutoCount plug-in is required to have a […]