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InvalidLCPDecryptFileException was unhandled

This exception thrown out is due to the missing of some files that are required for your application to load. What are the chances to encounter this exception in your application? Quite common, if you are developing below applications:- 1. Standalone Desktop Application that access to AutoCount Accounting 2. Web Services that access to AutoCount Accounting   Solutions:- * Find these files in AutoCount Accounting folder. 1. LCPDecrypt.wdl 2. LCPDecrypt2.exe 3. LCPDecrypt2.wdl 4. LCPDecryptApp.exe   […]

Update Scripting from RegisterType(…) to RegisterByType(…) in AutoCount Accounting version 1.8.21 (147)

  This article applies to AutoCount Accounting Application Script & Plugin. In order to support many login to AutoCount Accounting on a computer, when multiple BCE.Data.DBSetting instances are created, it is required that the Scripting Registration is to register with the designated instance.   Prior to version 1.8.21, when a class is registered with ScriptManager, there is no requirement to specify which BCE.Data.DBSetting is used. Script Manager will assume the default BCE.Data.DBSetting instance is being […]